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Translate more content into more languages at a fraction of the cost using the industry’s leading machine translation tool built for business. SDL BeGlobal increases translation team productivity for content that requires human translation and reduces human post-editing costs.

Translate more

Increase the volume and number of languages that you communicate with global customers in.

Translate faster

Accelerate global content creation and communicate in real-time across languages.

Translate for less

Improve translator productivity and gain efficiencies with increased automation.

Central online interface

Manage accurate, timely translations through a secure, centralized interface. Translate multiple types of content including website, communication and social media within an easy-to-use platform.

Broad language coverage

Access the industry’s most comprehensive language solution covering 100 global language pairs for all your enterprise needs. Our translation engines are trained by expert research and development teams and can be customized for your specific industry or organization, ensuring every translation matches your communication style.

Vertical translation engines

Leverage expertly-trained machine translation engines for a range of industry verticals including IT, automotive, travel, life sciences and consumer electronics with new language pairs and verticals added regularly.

Brand and terminology management

Ensure your brand messaging and global trademarks are translated consistently across all of your global content. SDL BeGlobal term and brand lists enable you to quickly and easily control the translated output of specific terminology. Our patent-pending algorithm, SDL TrustScore, ensures that your quality needs are met by ranking translation output.

Multilingual real-time communication

Break down language barriers and enable your support agents to chat or email with remote language customers around the world 24/7. Integrate SDL BeGlobal with LivePerson Chat and email applications to provide quick, affordable translation of agent and customer content. Now they can communicate to each other live, without having to speak the same language.

Flexible access

Manage users, language settings and comprehensive reporting with a simple web application - SDL BeGlobal Enterprise Online. An easy-to-use API allows you to connect BeGlobal with your own business applications.

Reporting and analytics

Uncover a wealth of insights contained in your multilingual translation data. Everyone from executives to content managers are never more than a few clicks away from discovering trends that help you make smart business decisions.