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Beyond DTP: Save time and money with SDL Tridion Docs

Desktop publishing (DTP) has been around since the early 1980s. Although there have been substantial improvements to DTP tools, workflows based on this older model are not scalable when content and target languages are substantially increased.

Today you can save significantly in time and cost by migrating from traditional authoring and DTP to structured authoring.

This eBook gives you a valuable comparison between traditional authoring and structured authoring. It focuses on the significant time and costs savings achieved by eliminating DTP with structured authoring. The eBook also touches on other cost-saving opportunities for:

  • Content reuses
  • Translations
  • Publishing workflow
  • The ROI of structured content
  • Additional benefits

With traditional publishing workflow, language translation often requires additional staff for DTP. For example, if you add 11 languages, a language service provider may need to add 5 to 7 DTP staff to perform post-linguistic corrective formatting. This inability to scale is both difficult and costly.