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Dominic Lavelle

Dominic Lavelle

Chief Financial Officer SDL

Dominic Lavelle keeps things moving. To unwind at night, he goes running, or hops on one of his two Triumph motorcycles. Every Monday morning, he travels 400 miles from his family home outside Glasgow, Scotland to the SDL headquarters in Maidenhead, just outside London. At the end of every week he flies back. He’s seemingly unfazed by travel. 

“I like traveling, if I'm honest,” he says. “I travelled quite a bit when I was younger, albeit with a backpack instead of a briefcase! If I'm sitting on a plane for a few hours, quiet, unreachable, I enjoy the thinking time.” 

That predilection toward movement is advantageous, as one of Lavelle’s main charges at SDL is making sure the company stays light on its feet and moving in the right direction. 

“I'm comfortable in environments that change,” he says. “I spent the several years before I came to SDL working on business rescues and transformations. It’s critical that companies are always agile and nimble; they need to continually stay ahead of the market and react very quickly to market shifts.”