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Integrated Multimedia

Centrally store and distribute videos and other enhanced multimedia assets integrated with technical documentation and support content


Intelligent integration

By combining publication management with multimedia management, organizations can integrate multimedia into all of their technical communications. Using SDL Knowledge Center, content creators can upload several videos to a single repository and then embed a link to that repository within an existing topic. 

This allows content creators to leverage variables that already exist in their documentation to determine which specific video is rendered for different customers, removing the management overhead and complexity, allowing for more personalized experiences.

Contextual format delivery

SDL Knowledge Center ensures the correct format is delivered for every publication. For example, if a customer is on a mobile phone but chooses to view the full website version of a help topic where the high-resolution video is delivered, SDL Knowledge Center can detect the mobile browser and still offer either a corresponding image slideshow or a lower resolution version of the video. Additionally, if a file format is not supported on the device, such as Adobe Flash, a corresponding image can be offered instead.

The solution also allows content creators to crop and resize images, take fragments from video and audio files and automatically transcode multimedia content for various channels, screens and devices.

Multichannel distribution

Without a solution, when changes are required, updating videos becomes a manual, error-prone process. This means content creators are reluctant to embed videos within their documentation for fear of broken links. Additionally, sensitive information can never be referenced because permission controls are unenforceable. Videos cannot be embedded within offline deliverables, and translation is only minimally supported through subtitles. 

SDL Knowledge Center solves all of these problems and simplifies the overhead maintenance involved in publishing videos and other multimedia content to multiple channels.

Global video engagement

Eliminate expensive post-production cycles associated with multiple languages by directly localizing subtitles and voiceovers.

SDL Knowledge Center ends the lengthy and expensive translation work associated with multiple languages and voice-overs for multimedia. You can directly localize back slides and add overlays, subtitles and even translated voice-overs.

Interactive overlays

Have you ever wanted to enable custom actions right within a video?

SDL Knowledge Center allows you to add overlays to videos with links, QR codes, forms, download buttons and more! For example, a tutorial video might be able to provide clickable buttons that perform specific actions within a program. In this way, your videos can actually assist customers beyond basic instructions.

Key features of integrated multimedia

  • Simultaneous multichannel distribution 
  • Easy subtitle addition and translation 
  • Intelligent format transcoding 
  • Interactive overlays 
  • Long term multimedia maintenance

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